Friday, July 25, 2008

Party at the Pool with Kim & Cole!

Yesterday, we had the joy of my friend Kim and Christopher's friend Cole coming to join us for some fun at the Hyatt pool! Kim and I used to teach 2nd grade together. We suffered through infertility together & while I was home on maternity leave with Christopher, she found out she was expecting Cole! The boys are about 8 months apart in age - and best buddies!

The following school year, we were moved to different grade levels - Kim taught 1st grade and I taught Kindergarten. At the end of that year, Kim, Mike (her hubby & Cole's Daddy), and Cole all moved over to the east coast of Florida near Ft. Lauderdale. We made a commitment to get together at every opportunity - such as school holidays and such. Usually, we meet at Sawgrass Mills Mall, which is about half-way for both of us - but lately, we've been branching out to other places of interest! Last month, we went to a science/art museum for kids - it was great! We had the best time - we always do when we're together!

The picture above is another great example of positive peer pressure! Cole showed Christopher how to jump into the water from the side (into Mommy's arms, of course)! Never in a million years would Christopher have done this on his own! But, with Cole's influence, he stood on the edge, reached out, grabbed my hands and...JUMPED IN! And not just once, either - over and over and over again! Laughing all the while! Cole's been taking swimming lessons for awhile - he's never been afraid of the water! I'm so glad Christopher gets to take them now! :) And with him being almost fearless of the water - it's now a must-have! When we left the Adventure Pool to check out the waterfall pool (there are 3 pools at the hotel - plus we have access to 3 or 4 others at the Hyatt Plantation - more on that later!), Christopher jumped right in (or should I say, walked down the steps) on his own and showed Cole how he could swim across the pool! I was just amazed!
After some lunch at the Tiki Hut near the pools (and Daddy joined us during his break from work! Yea!!!), they had a Candy Art project for the kids. Christopher and Cole each made a necklace...and of course, had to taste a little of the candy sand...just to make sure it was really edible (wink, wink)!After making Candy Art necklaces, we took the trolly bus over to the Hyatt Plantation, where they had more pools and a lazy river. Unfortunately for Mommy, the lazy river is where Christopher drew the line on the positive peer pressure thing! He doesn't like going under or near waterfalls - he thinks they are dangerous (kept telling me so!) - and the lazy river has lots of them! We made it around once, and as far as Christopher was concerned, it was one time too many! So...we went to the kiddy pool where they had these waterspouts (the boys had spotted it from the lazy river) and they had a great time playing together there. This also gave Kim and me a chance to talk for awhile. :) We went back to the lazy river one more time - Kim & Cole got to go for another ride on the river, but Christopher and I just sat on the entry step and waited for them. Christopher got a little anxious when the wind started blowing - he was sure there was a bad storm coming and was worried about his friend! But, sure enough, they came back around and were fine! :)

With the wind blowing & just getting out of the water, Christopher decided he was cold - so I let him wear my shirt back to the hotel. No apologies to those of you who would be offended at a boy wearing a shirt that looks like a dress...especially an Avon one with pictures of make-up on the front...a Mommy's gotta do what a Mommy's gotta do! In the picture above, the boys are standing in front of the trolly bus outside our hotel - we'd just gotten back. After this, we went up to the hotel room and changed clothes. Then Kim & Cole headed back home. Christopher was sad to see his buddy leave...but we'll see him again soon - we're planning at least one more get-together before school starts!

Gotta go for now...Christopher's been begging all morning to go to the pool again! They boy really can't get enough! I got him interested in a cartoon so I could get this blog posted...but it's almost over, so I know the pleas will start again...and I'm not even dressed in my swimsuit yet...imagine that! :)

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