Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lazy Me

Well, my goal was to post once a day - but I'm falling a bit behind here! I can't believe I haven't posted a single thing since Saturday! Boy have I been a lazy girl! Well, not really - I do have an Avon business and a very active 4-year-old to keep me hoppin'! Not to mention the little 1-year-old I watch 4 nights a week! We got back from our "vacation" (see post below) on Saturday afternoon & had just enough time to unload the car before Cobh (the little boy I keep) came - and then we got ready and went to dinner & church. Sunday night, we had a party with our BLG (Bible and Life Group - A.K.A "Sunday School") class - 70's style!

The party was a blast! We dressed in 70's attire (if you could), brought our favorite toy from the 70's (my mom would prbably be pleased to know I brought the Madame Alexander doll she gave me when my brother was born), watched 70's TV shows & commercials, and played the Newlywed Game. David and I came in 2nd place - just a half point behind Nina & PJ! If David had answered correctly on the question about how long it we waited from the time we met until the time we first kissed, we would have won! I couldn't believe he got that wrong - we've told everyone for six years how we were friends for 2 years before we even thought of each other as more than just friends...then he goes and answers ONE year to the question! At least he still remembers that it was when we got engaged! Personally, I think we should have gotten a half point for that (which would have tied the game) - but that's OK...I still got to take David that was prize enough for me (wink, wink)!

I would love to post pictures of the party for you...but silly me left the memory card in the computer when I posted pictures from the Hyatt Coconut Point on even though I remembered to bring my camera, it did me absolutely NO good since I didn't have anything for it to store the pictures on! SO...I guess you'll just have to use your imaginations!

Well, it's getting late and I really should get to bed. Just didn't want another day to slip by without posting. :) Does this mean I've become addicted??? Hmmmm.....

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