Thursday, July 17, 2008

Christopher's First Official Play-Date!

Christopher had his very first "official" play date yesterday! We went to his friend Hunter's house to play. Hunter & his family go to our church and Hunter & Christopher used to go to the same babysitter. They are big buds!
While the boys played together, Terri (Hunter's Mommy) and I had time to chat and catch up on each other's lives - in between tattles, that is! These boys really love each other - but even the best of buds will tattle on each other at this age! In some ways, I hope they always keep each other in check as they grow up - not necessarily by tattling, but certainly calling each other to Christian accountability! Somehow, I think they will! :) I also got the joy of holding Hunter's baby brother Nathanael while I was there - you all know how much I ate that up!!! Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of that - I was too busy loving on the little guy! Maybe next playdate!

The boys are looking for deer in Hunter's back yard - but we didn't get to see any this time. :( Terri even tried throwing some corn to try to entice them to come out, but they weren't interested. Maybe it was the noise that two little boys make when they are having fun that scared them away! Hunter's house is out a bit from the city - so they get to see a lot of wildlife out their way!

Christopher and Hunter really enjoy spending time together. When it was time for us to go home, they were certainly NOT ready to end their fun! We'll have to plan another playdate with Hunter again soon! Mommy had just as much fun as Christopher did! Thank you Terri for being such a great host - and for the wonderful lunch!


NaplesRhonda said...

OH my goodness that was just too cute!! Thanks for sharing!

Teri said...

Hey! It was great seeing you guys again at Lori's house. I'm so excited that we are both StayAtHome Moms now and we can hang out during the days when school starts. Won't that be weird?????? Not going to work is a big change. Hope you check that FlyLady thing out soon. It's AWESOME!