Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Playdate...the three musketeers!

We had another play date yesterday. This time, Christopher and Hunter went to Jack's house to play. Jack also goes to our church and used to go to the same babysitter as Christopher and Hunter. Jack and Christopher will go to the same school next year (Hunter's a year younger than Jack & Christopher). The boys had a blast playing with all Jack's toys while Lori (Jack's Mommy), Teri (Hunter's Mommy) and I had fun talking about family life, coupons, and such. We all had such a great time!
The kids had corn dogs and the mommies (and Jack's dad & older siblings) had chicken salad. I was so surprised to see Christopher eat a corn dog - he's such a picky eater and has always turned up his nose when I've tried to get him to eat them (though he LOVES hot dogs). Guess a little peer pressure can be a GOOD thing sometimes! We also had watermelon that Hunter's mommy brought and the boys had cotton candy yogurt! YUM!!
As promised, here's a picture of Hunter's little brother, Nathanael. That's one of Jack's big sisters holding baby Nathanael. Jack is the youngest of 4 - he one brother and 2 sisters. Jessica (pictured above) is the closest in age to Jack. She's eleven - and loves babies as much as I do! I thought this picture was just precious!
While baby Nathanael was sleeping (and Jack's oldest sister Laurin was babysitting), we went to the community pool where Jack lives. Here's another place were a little peer pressure can be a good thing! Christopher has always been terribly afraid of water & refused to go in the pool. When he was a little baby, I took him to the Mommy & Me water classes at the YMCA - and he screamed through all six weeks of the classes! I was sure he would get used to it...but he never did. So, we never signed up for another class. I love swimming and lounging in the pool and I so wanted Christopher to love it, too! But, despite being a Florida boy, he hated the pool! When our water park opened last summer, we got a little closer - the toddler area is very shallow, so he was fine in there. But, if we got in water that was any deeper than his knees (which is really not that deep), he would cling to me and cry! Well, there were no such tears shed on this day! He got right in there with his buddies - and even put his face in the water! I was so proud! It was just what we needed to get the ball rolling...
Today, we checked into the Hyatt at Coconut Point because David has a conference here for work. As you can see by the picture above, I finally have a Florida boy who LOVES swimming! He was still a little hesitant at first, but litte by little, he gained his confidence! When I blew up his floaties, he was excited - he said, "Just like Jack and Hunter!" They weren't enough to keep his face completely out of the water, though - so, I blew up the swim ring we bought at Wally-World (Wal-Mart) last night - and that was all it took! Now, he can't seem to get enough of it - while we were at dinner tonight, he told us we needed to go back to the hotel so he could go swimming! Of course, now that his fear of the water is gone, it's time to get some swimming lessons!


Kelly said...

There's nothing better than positive peer pressure!! And there's no place better than the Hyatt-Coconut Point. Just got back from there and it's truly my favorite place on earth! You'll have a blast!! Christopher will LOVE the pools!!

Alison said...

I know you are THRILLED Christopher is into the water thing now!! (Plus it give you a great excuse to work on your tan!)

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

Looks like you guys had a fun day!