Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hallelujah Night

After some debate, Christopher decided that he wanted to be a Robot for Halloween/Hallelujah Night. Trying to be thrifty, I decided I could make the costume myself out of an Avon box (actually the sleeve that comes over 3 stacked boxes to make it one package). Boy, I had no idea what I was in for! After a few struggles, though, this is what we came up with:

Our first stop of the night is always at Grandma's for our only Trick or Treating experience. Please forgive the orientation of the video below...complete user error. Someday someone is going to make a fortune when they create a camera that automatically adjusts to the correct orientation when taking a video!

Before heading off to Hallelujah Night at church, Christopher takes a moment for a photo opportunity with Uncle Chuck & Grandma.

Once at Hallelujah Night, we stopped by the Sticky Wall booth so Christopher could show his robot costume off to Miss Betsy & Mr. Jim. The decline of the costume had already begun, as his "robot legs" were now human again!

Much to my dismay, once the above picture was taken, the robot costume came off and didn't go back on. For the rest of the evening, this is where his robot costume remained:

Thankfully, I had thought ahead a bit and realized the costume probably wouldn't last all night, so he had on a robot t-shirt under the costume - which is what he wore most of he night. In fact, one of my friends who saw me later in the night (while Christopher & I were in line waiting on a game & Daddy was in the back, standing guard over the costume) thought that WAS his costume! Ha! Ha! :)

Christopher had a great time playing all the games - and he was quite good at the ones that involved throwing balls, bags, and other assorted items! Someday he's going to make a great pitcher! Of course, the best part of playing those games was the loot...

And of course, the eating of said loot...

And just as important is the burning off of the extra energy gained by eating way too much loot...
Christopher spent quite a lot of time climbing up the inflatable slide and sliding down. Funny thing is I can remember not too long ago he was terrified of these inflatable playgrounds! He would not step foot in a bounce house, let alone a 10-12 foot inflatable slide! The boy is growing up! Once I showed him where to get on the slide, he just kept going in circles...if he knew we could have something like this in our backyard, we'd be in MAJOR trouble! Ha! Ha!

And who should we find at the inflatable slide, but the Preschool Director at Christopher's school! As you can tell, Christopher loves Miss Sherri!

Among other special friends we found at Hallelujah Night was Ra-Ra (Robyn) & "Uncle" Jeff and their dog Romeo! Romeo had his own booth where he showed off all the tricks he knew and let the kids hold him for a picture. Christopher actually got to help with some of Romeo's early training in preparation for Hallelujah Night! Fun!

We quite literally closed down the night at Hallelujah Night at 10pm - and the only one NOT ready to go home was Christopher! He really got into Hallelujah Night this year and I'm so glad it was on a Friday Night so we could let him stay up late and enjoy all the fun he wanted!

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Stephanie said...

Looks as if Hallelujah night was fun, fun! Christopher is so precious and I must say that I love the costume! Way to go! Also, it thrilled my soul to see Sherri in the picture. I love her so much! Anyway, enjoyed catching up on your blog. Talk soon...