Sunday, October 19, 2008

Coupon University

Well, it's finally happened! I've become one of those stay-at-home moms who clip coupons! You know - the ones you hate to get behind at the grocery store! Yep, that's me - fist full of coupons, basket full of groceries...just trying to see how low I can get that grocery bill to go! I even have a fancy shmancy coupon holder! Of course, it's not anywhere NEAR as fancy as my friend Teri has...that girl's got a touch of coupon clipping OCD, I think...but the funny thing is I'm aspiring to be just like her! :)

My Mother-In-Love (hearafter referred to lovingly as Mom J) & Sister-In-Love (Betsy - David's middle brother's wife) have been coupon queens for years. And bless her heart, Mom J has been passing coupons along to us for the last 6+ years we've been married. We've used a few here and there - but when I was working, David did most of the grocery shopping - so consequently, not many coupons got used because he usually stopped on the way home from work and the coupons were almost always here at the house. But not anymore! Now, thanks to my handy-dandy coupon holder (which I'm quickly outgrowing, by the way) - those coupons now get filed away and taken with me to the grocery store on Sundays!

I know, I know - Sunday is probably the worst day in the world to go shopping because everybody and their brother is also at the store doing their weekly shopping...but, in some strange way, there's something fun about that because you never know who you might run into while doing your weekly shopping! :) I actually choose Sundays because that's when the paper with all the coupons comes out! One less stop I have to make during the week.

Today, I was so proud of myself! My first stop was Costco, where I saved $30.50 with coupons on stuff we use anyway (some of which will last us a long, long time...but that's OK because it's non-perishable)! :) Then after a brief stop at the bank to deposit my Avon monies, I headed off to Publix. I am so very thankful for the BOGO tip! If you find the Buy One Get One Free sales at Publix & have 2 coupons (each good for $ off 1 item), then you can use both! For example, Kellogg's cereal was on a BOGO sale this week at Publix & I had two $1 off 1 box coupons. One box of cereal is usually about $4, but today, I bought 2 boxes of cereal for $2 - that's a dollar a box! Gotta love that! I saved $63.89 at Publix today (could have been more if I'd remembered to use the $5 off $25 coupons...oh well, I'm learning!), again, savings were on stuff we use anyway! My rule is I don't use a coupon unless it's something I'd buy anyway...and I'm trying to use them on BOGO sales as much as possible! :) The lady at the checkout wasn't too happy with me & she was obviously not very familiar with coupons. It took a long time to check out because she first took time before checking me out to study the coupons I'd have so she'd know what I had coupons for & then proceeded to find the coupon for each item I purchased (and considering I had a coupon for almost everything I bought today, that was a lot)! I just kept apologizing to the poor souls who showed up in line behind me...only to decide after a few minutes that they'd be better off finding another line! :) If I hadn't realized when I got home that I saved almost $100 today, I might never have clipped another coupon! But, the coupon bug has bitten! Think I'll be signing up for lessons from my couponing friends & family so I can save even more! :)


David and Jen said...

Kara- as a former Publix gal, I can tell you that you should never be treated with anything other than a smile. No one should give you a hard time for having coupons, and if they do, politely speak with the manager afterwards. It is our job to make your shopping a pleasurable experience, and Publix prides themselves on excellent customer service.

I will add that sometimes it does take a little bit of time for the cashier to study your coupons. This is because she is accountable for what goes in her drawer. If she uses a coupon that is expired, or a coupon for an item you don't have, she will be addressed by her supervisor. So, just smile, be patient and let her know that you appreciate her attention to your order.

PS- how is Christopher?

Teri said...

GO Kara! I'm so proud of you! It's so much fun and you're just going to get better and better and better at it! Woo hoo!

Katie said...

This story was so funny to me! The way you described the not-so-familiar-with-coupons sales clerk...hilarious! I'm like you, I don't love money, but I sure do love to save it when I can! =)