Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christopher's First School Program

On Thursday, November 20th, Christopher had his very first school program. It was the most precious thing I've ever seen! They started by walking in while singing "God Bless America" - which has become Christopher's new favorite song, as he sings it all the time! They then sang several other songs, this video below is just one of them (the video was taken during rehersal just before the program):

After the program, there was a special Thanksgiving luncheon for the kids, their parents & grandparents. Since the rest of the school has their Grandparents' Day on a Friday, when no Pre-K students are at school, the Thanksgiving program was the also the Pre-K Grandparents' Day! Grandma Jansen joined us for this special day. Christopher is very blessed to have Grandma J living so close so that she can have such an active part in his life. These are the memories that Christopher will probably remember for the rest of his life!


Teri said...

LOVE the video of Christopher and Jack. They're so cute!

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

Thanks so much for your prayers Kara! I really appreciate it. I will post about life soon and what all is going on probably sometime next week or after Christmas :).