Saturday, September 6, 2008

School Is Downright Exhausting!

Christopher has ALWAYS been a night owl (just like Mommy) - so getting him to go to sleep at night has been somewhat of a challenge...that is, until he started school! It's the most amazing thing...we tell him at 7pm that it's time for "Bath and Bed" and there's (usually) not even the slightest fuss about the sun still being up! He takes his bath, makes sure to remind us to "read just one story," and then goes on to bed. Sometimes, he likes to "read" the book for a little while in his bed after Daddy or I have read it to him. Before school started, I would go in his room before going to bed myself and find multiple books in his bed that he had "read" before falling asleep...or sometimes, still find him up reading! But, not anymore! Sometimes he doesn't even ask to "read" the book himself. I keep putting "read" in quotation marks because he can't really read yet...but if you didn't know that and just saw him with a book, you'd believe he really was reading! He's been like that since he was old enough to hold a book! He'll even pick up books without pictures and "read" them for the longest time (turning pages, and all)!

Anyway, one night David read a story to Christopher and then left him with the book. He went back to check on him a few minutes later, then came and asked me for my camera. Then he brought this picture back to me!

Christopher had fallen asleep on top of his book & didn't move...even when I removed the book from under him! I'm lovin' it!


Kelly said...

That picture is PRICELESS! That'll be me tomorrow after a full day of work! First day! Wish you were there!! I love your blog!! xoxo

Sunny said...

Hello Kara~
Thank you for your comment. It was so nice to hear from you.

Your son is a doll! Isn't adoption grand?

What part of AL are you from?

I look forward to following your blog! Please keep in touch!

Sunny said...

It's a small world! My dad graduated from Walter-Welborn High School ('65).

Stephanie said...

Thanks again for all of your encouraging words... Love the picture of your precious little boy. A treasure indeed.