Friday, September 26, 2008

My Favorite Sound in the World

My absolute favorite sound in the whole world (without question or hesitation) is the sound of Christopher laughing. I've always loved the sound of children's laughter - perhaps that's because of the doll my grandmother gave me that would laugh when I threw her up in the air...or maybe just because that's how God made me. But, it's been something I've always enjoyed. And I don't know if it's because I have the joy and priviledge of being Christopher's mommy...but I find something extra special about his laughter. There's just such pure joy in it - no matter whether he's running and playing with his friends or being tickled by his Mommy & Daddy (which is exactly what I did for the sole purpose of getting his laughter on video)! Maybe you just have to hear it for yourself (click the arrow below):

Yes, he's still sucking his thumb...but mostly when he's tired or watching TV. Unfortunately, we can't throw his thumb away like a pacifier...but we're working on eliminating this habit of his. We even tried that stuff you put on the nails to keep him from sucking it - didn't work. Oh well...we'll keep working, and with any luck, he'll be free of this habit before he goes to college! Ha! Ha!

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Amanda said...

I'll have to tell you about Maryn and her right hand sometime. I think I can already tell that we will have a problem!