Thursday, March 5, 2009

Five Year Ago Today

Five years ago today, my life was very different. I was not a Mommy, but I was hopeful I would be soon. I was on egg-shells most of the day. I had the home phone forwarded to my cell phone if I left the house for even a moment. My sweet cousin Karen took me out to keep my mind occupied while I waited. The phone call came while we were picking up Happy Meals at McDonald's for Jonathan's class. When David got home, we loaded the car and started the two hour drive to the hospital. I can't remember what we talked about, but I can tell you there was really only one thing on our mind...the birth of our son!

I did not have any physical labor pains, but the emotional ones were quite intense! I didn't have any water to break or contractions to measure, but I was blessed to be in the delivery room with the brave woman experiencing them so I could be a mom. My prayers were ferverently lifted as I heard the doctor talk about the cord being around my son's neck. I watched intently as he manuvered the cord out of the way so he could deliver this precious gift from God. My breathing was suspended as I waited to hear that wail that let me know all was well. Tears streamed down my face as I silently thanked God for my son's safe arrival into the world. My heart was blessed as Christopher's birth mom held him briefly before telling him that his Mommy (me) was waiting to hold him! Joy filled my heart as we called family and friends to announce Christopher's arrival into the world! My heart wrapped itself tightly around the tiny baby as we spent as much time with him in the hospital nursery as they would allow.

Fears crept in as we left the hospital that night to wait the required 24 hours before we could take him home. I wish I could tell you that weren't so...but the possibility of the birth mother changing her mind was very real - and my heart was already tightly wrapped around the little boy in the hospital nursery who had been born just hours before. Thankfully, none of those fears became a reality. Though the choice his birth mom made was obviously a very painful one for her to make, it was made out of love and in the best interest of the little boy she had conceived and brought into this world! What love she must have for him! How thankful I am for her!

Christopher was born on March 6th. As we left the hospital the following day (March 7th) with the most perfect, precious gift from God that I've ever laid eyes on, I could barely believe how blessed we were! And God's timing was perfect - we brought Christopher home on David's birthday! David says that was his best birthday present ever!

I can barely believe that five years have passed since those days! I remember them as vividly as if they were yesterday and I look forward to telling Christopher all about those days, as he is ready to learn about them! :)

Thank You, God for the blessing of my precious son! Thank You for blessing our lives over the last five years! Thank You for all the blessings You have in store for us in the future!


Amanda said...

Thank you for this story! It is clear that the adoption story is just as special as the birth story, and I hope other moms read this and are encouraged to adopt someday. I pray John and I will be able to adopt someday, too. I know that my 42 weeks of pregnancy and 2 days of labor were a blessing, and they were tough, just as your waiting and worrying were a blessing, and they were tough! Just becoming a mom, no matter how it happens, is a blessing and is tough, too. I'm so happy I've experienced some motherhood with you.

Teri said...

Awesome story, Kara. Even though I knew how it ended, I was still on the edge of my seat as I read!