Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beautiful Loser Update

For those of you who caught my blog a week or so ago, you know that I was selected as one of four contestants to participate in's Beautiful Loser Contest! I have completed my first week with the personal trainer and the other three women and I can already see a bit of a difference...not necessarily in my weight, but in my energy level & desire to do active things with my son (like kick around a soccer ball)!
I met Dirk (our personal trainer) and two of the other ladies I'd be working out with on Monday morning at 9am. The 4th contestant had dropped out and they would need to select another winner to join us. The 4 of us - Missy, Jane, Dirk, and I - went for a 2.5 - 3 mile walk while Dirk told us his philosophy on weight loss and how he got into personal training. He also found out from us what our goals were and why we'd signed up for this. It was by far the easiest day of the week! :)
On Tuesday, we met again at 9am in hopes that our 4th person would join us, but she did not. We jogged/walked to the soccer fields, which was where we would be meeting pretty much the rest of the time. We then did warm-up marching drills & lunges and ran/jogged/walked around the soccer fields. Dirk said this would be the most boring day for us. We decided that we would prefer to start meeting at 8am, which we did starting on Wednesday.
Faith joined us on Wednesday and our group was complete. This is also when we began our circuit training. Dirk set up 4 stations at a time and we rotated every 90 seconds. I'm here to tell you, 90 seconds can be a REALLY long time when you're working out! :) After each of us had a turn at the 4 stations, Dirk would switch them until we'd done a total of 12 stations. Some of the stations included jumping jacks, weight lifting, jump rope, cruches, etc. We always end our workout with a jog/walk around the soccer fields. I think this is supposed to be our cool-down, but I don't feel very cool! ;)
Our "homework" for the weekend was to take a walk or do something active today and then rest tomorrow so we'll be ready for Monday's workout. Well...Christopher got a soccer ball for his birthday from "Unkie Chuckie" (David's youngest brother) - so David, Christopher, and I went outside this afternoon and kicked the soccer ball to each other. Christopher and I went out first and kicked it together for awhile. David was inside working on some things. Then Christopher decided he wanted to go play on his playground for awhile, so I kicked the soccer ball around the circle driveway in our backyard for awhile - just as the other girls and I had done with Dirk yesterday. :) Then, David came out and joined us and we had fun kicking the soccer ball to each other for awhile! It was great family fun! :)
Part of the requirement of being in this group is that we have to blog about our experience on the website 3 times per week. So far, I've blogged every day. I will continue to do so as time allows and will do a recap on this blog. If you want to follow my daily adventures, you can log onto and read my blog in the MomShare section. :)

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Amanda said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you and will be praying for you!