Monday, June 4, 2012

Big Brother's Day Out

What's that?  Why yes, I am blogging twice in one day!  What do you know!  :)  But I just had to share!  This afternoon after Brady's mom picked him up, Christopher and I decided to go to the bowling alley and get some use out of those Kids-Bowl-Free coupons!  Just us.

Christopher had a blast!  We did use bumpers, but he didn't use the ramp thing.  We were neck-and-neck with our scores!  The boy is good!  And we had a lot of fun together during this mother-son outing!

Christopher kept a close watch on those scores, too!  He really enjoyed our special outing together.  Funny thing is, one of the workers (who was apparently board due to the lack of work to do since there was only one other bowler in the building) asked me if I was a pro bowler.  LOL!!!  I looked for any hint of kidding or sarcasm...but found none!  He was serious!  Oh my!  Either he didn't know much about the sport of bowling or he couldn't see the scores on the screen...because if he did, he would have KNOWN better!  

However, looking at the form of my bowling buddy, maybe, just maybe he saw some talent there that was yet to be discovered!  I'm not sure where he came up with this technique, but I've seen a few pro bowlers use it and, for the most part, the bumpers were unnecessary!  He really did great!  I think my favorite part was as we were leaving, he told me he really enjoyed it being just us!  :)

Several weeks ago, Christopher had received some money from Grandma Jansen and Uncle Chuck.  The money came without any strings attached, but Grandma did mention that he might want to buy his brother something with part of the money.  So...of to Wally World we went for him to pick out something for his brother!  We spent quite a lot of time in that baby toy aisle as he checked out each and every toy offered!

I was both humbled and amazed at the generosity of my precious son!  I honestly thought he might pick out one, maybe two small items and use the rest of the money on himself.  But, that was not to be the case!  When he threw the third item in the cart, he must have noticed the look of surprise on my face and said, "What?!?"  When I told him that might take most of his money, he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, it IS for my BROTHER!!!"  I couldn't help but grin and be oh so proud!  We thought we were done when he saw a cute little teddy bear that said "My First Bear" on the tummy and was oh so snuggly!  Christopher fell in love with it and immediately wanted to get it for his brother.  But, when we added up the costs, it was more than he had the money for.  So, as he surveyed the items in the cart, he remembered that I had purchased a turtle similar to, but smaller than the one pictured above and asked if it was staying with us or going with Brady.  When I told him it was staying, he decided that his brother didn't really need two turtles and put this one back.  There was some serious thought that went into each and every gift he chose for Jayden!  You can tell he loves his little brother as much as we do!  :)

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