Friday, March 9, 2012

Smoked BBQ Dinner/Adoption Fundraiser & Celebration!

We finally found our location! The church I referenced in my previous post agreed to let us have our BBQ Dinner/Adoption Fundraiser at their church! We are so thankful!!! :)

As you can see above, our BBQ Dinner will be on Monday, March 26th from 5-8pm at Cypress Woods Presbyterian Church. If you need directions, just let us know! :)

We will have a Silent Auction, like we did at our Spaghetti if you know of anyone who has something to donate for this silent auction, please let us know and/or pass along our email address to them! We will be posting pictures of the items before the we need to get the items before that if possible. :) We also need to know the approximate value of the items being donated so that we can put that on the bid sheets. If the person donating an item for the silent auction has a business card, we would be happy to put some out by the auction item(s) - which could result in future business! :)

Though we don't yet know if we are having a girl or boy...if the baby cooperates at the ultrasound, we will know by the dinner and are planning a great reveal! I saw online somewhere that a family did this at their baby shower. The idea is to put either pink or blue balloons (depending on gender) in a box and seal the box before the party. This couple also painted the box with chalkboard paint so that guests could make their prediction before the box was opened. When the box is opened, the color of the balloons identify the gender of the baby (pink for girl, blue for boy). It sounded like a fun we are going to do that at our fundraiser! After our fundraiser is over, we will reveal the gender on here for those of you who are unable to attend. :)

We only have $4, 384 left to raise to complete this we are hoping that by the time this fundraiser is over, we will have all we need financially to make this adoption happen! We put complete trust in God to move this mountain...we've seen Him at work already and look forward to seeing how He will finish! :)

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