Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's a...


Yes, I know...that's not what you were hoping I would say...but it is what it is! ;) I have had MANY people try to crack me and discover the gender...several sure they know what our baby is...some of them right, others not.

I think our best decision was to not tell Christopher...because when they can't get it out of me, their next question is, "Does Christopher know?" I am very relieved to say that he doesn't because then I don't have to worry about HIM facing the same questioning. ;)

We were planning to tell him...but the day before the ultrasound, I asked Christopher if he could keep a secret if we told him. His response was, "Sure! I can keep a secret...but I can tell my friends, right?" LOL! That's when we knew telling him the gender before our big reveal wouldn't be such a good idea!

That's not to say he hasn't tried! He, right along with EVERYONE ELSE, has been trying to catch clues in our conversations about the baby to discover the gender. If we make any reference to a girl, he asks..."So, it's a sister?" and if we make any reference to a boy, he asks, "So, it's a brother?" When we won't budge, it's usually followed by, "C' can tell me! Just whisper it in my ear!" ;)

Today, I was simultaneously fielding questions from Christopher and a friend. Christopher overheard me chuckling at a text message I was getting from a friend who was trying to get it out of me. My friend Kelly was trying to figure it out by asking if we had names picked I told her we have a few, but nothing definite she tries a different way by asking, "Going with something like Conner or Shelly?" After a few more similar tries, she said, "Why don't you give me your top five names and I'll help decide." So...I gave her our potential names...for a girl, Kristina Kathryn or Kathryn Grace and for a boy, Matthew David or Caleb Matthew (by the way, this is by no means an exhaustive list). She told me I was a tough nut to was at this point Christopher said I should tell her to give up because I wouldn't even tell him! LOL!

The best part was when Kelly sent me a picture showing me she's put the date of the BBQ Dinner/Fundraiser in her calendar so she can text me then to find out! LOVE IT!!!

So...if you are in town and want to be among the first to know, come to our BBQ Dinner/Fundraiser on March 26th (follow the link for more details).

Here's Lookin' At You, Kid! ;)

P.S. The pictures in this post are from our last ultrasound...but they do NOT show any identifying info on the gender! Sorry! ;)

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Rhonda Wright said...

I can't wait to find out. My bet is it's a girl (but I don't bet, ya know). ;) Whichever way, can't wait!