Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday to Christopher - Our Precious Gift From God!

Has it really been seven years? Wasn't it just yesterday that we made the two-hour drive to watch him being born and bring him home? With every year that passes, I am even more thankful to his birth parents for choosing first to give him life and then choosing us to receive the blessing of being his Mommy and Daddy!

Where would we be without him? Thankfully, I will never know. This little boy has blessed our lives more in the last seven years than I ever could have imagined. Today, I went back and read over part of the story that I wrote while we were waiting for Christopher and right after he was born. Thankfully, because writing is my way to process my emotions, we have a detailed chronicle of his adoption that we can share with him some day when he is ready. As David and I were thinking yesterday about that wonderful day seven years earlier, there were parts that I couldn't remember. Small details that were just as important as the big details...details he may want to know some day. I'm so thankful that the Lord gave me that ability and the desire to write during that time.

This year, we gave Christopher a choice. He could have a big birthday party (which we've done every year) or we could go on a family adventure. This was a choice my cousin and her husband had always given their children, once they were old enough to make the choice. The boys usually chose the family adventure. My first year in Florida, the family adventure was a trip to Disney and I got to go along with them! :)

Christopher also chose the family adventure, which we will take after tax season is over so David can go, too! ;) About a week or so ago (after Christopher had already chosen the family adventure), my mother called and said that she would like for us all to take a family trip (my parents, my brother and his family, and our family) to Disney. So...looks like our first family adventure will take us to Disney...and we get to celebrate with Gran, Pop, Uncle Josh, Aunt Stephanie, and cousins Jackson & Brody!

Since the family adventure is a couple months away, we didn't want the actual birthday to go by we let him pick one fun thing he would like for us to do as a family. After much debate, Christopher picked Chuck E. Cheese' after opening presents in the morning from us and from his Ohio family - Uncle Bob, Aunt Betsy, and cousins Jenny, Ali, & Abby...we headed up for lunch and some fun! It was great to have some family fun together...just us 3!

For dinner, we had Christopher's favorite food...crab legs! I'm still amazed that my child refuses to try cheeseburgers, but will eat snow crab like it's going out of style! He's going to need a great job when he grows up...he obviously has very expensive tastes!!! Thankfully, David knows how to cook snow crab! We finished the dinner with a cupcake for dessert! YUMMY!

Just before bedtime, we got to skype with both Jenny (our niece who is in college) and Gran (my mother)! It was a great way to end the day!

I am blessed beyond measure to be the Mommy of such a precious little boy. Without the gift of adoption, I would not have that privilege. So today, I thank God for bringing us such an amazing gift. I thank his birth parents for choosing us. And I thank my husband for being the best Daddy and the best hubby anyone could ask for! I am so thankful for my family! :)


Robby & Jo said...

Hi Kara! What a great idea "a family adventure" God picked just the perfect family for Christopher. Some day he may have a blog to write about it too! Happy Birthday to Christopher! Blessings to you! Jo

Kara said...

Thanks, Jo Lynn! I got the idea for the family adventure choice from Karen & Forrest. I'm thankful for the year I got to spend with them and see how they parent their boys...I learned so much that year! :) I never would have thought about that idea on my own! ;)