Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A First Look at Kindergarten!

I can not believe that I'm writing this already...but my little boy is going to be a big Kindergartener starting tomorrow! WOW! Time really flies by! It seems like just a few days ago we got the call that we'd been matched with his birth parents, and only yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital! But now, he's a big boy!

Tonight, Christopher's school had what they call "First Look" - which is basically a time to find out where his room will be and meet his teacher before school officially begins! I actually met his teacher, Mrs. A, about 10 years ago when I started my teaching career at that very school (different building, but same school)! During my 2nd year of teaching, I had the pleasure of teaching Kindergarten along with her...and she taught me so much about the profession! It was, by far, my favorite year of teaching! Now, Christopher has the opportunity to learn from Mrs. A, too! :)

I was also pleasantly surprised to realize that so many of my friends with kids Christopher's age are also in Mrs. A's class! I was also surprised to realize that none of Christopher's classmates from PK4 are in his class this year...but, I know that God is giving Christopher the opportunity to grow and make new friends! Some of his Kinder classmates are also his friends at church, so there were some familiar faces in the classroom for him, too! :) I think it's going to be a great year for him! =)

After First Look, we came home, Christopher took a bath, then we read a bedtime story & had a family prayer time (Christopher requested that I pray first, Daddy pray next, and he would pray last), and he went to bed with visions of Kindergarten dancing in his head. ;) I've checked his backpack to make sure all his supplies are ready for the morning, and I'm about to join David in bed so we can all get up at "Oh Dark Thirty" in the morning and be ready for our traditional 1st Day of School Family Drop-off! What that means is that all three of us will get up, get ready, and go to school on the first day. After that, David will take him to school an I'll pick up...unless I'm substitute teaching, then I'll do both! :)

For some reason, I'm a little more emotional about Kindergarten than I was about PK4. On his first day of PK4, I didn't cry...didn't even tear up. But, there's just something about realizing he's in "Big Boy School" (uniforms and all) that pulls at my heart strings...and I'm afraid I might not be quite as strong! We'll see...I'll let you know how it goes! :)


caroline silva said...

Kara I really enjoyed reading your blog tonight, good luck to Christopher with school, Emily says HI!

The Herrenbrucks said...

AH!!! The big first day of Kinder!!! He'll do great. You'll LOVE Mrs. A! :) Have a great first day!! :) Erin H