Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Search Continues...

We spent the majority of our Friday and a portion of today looking at possibilities for where we will live next. We're still waiting on the bank to approve the, it's not like we can really accept anything right now, but we wanted to get a look at what might be out there in our price range.

We had 4 appointments scheduled for Friday and another one scheduled for today. We met a realtor guy at Publix at 10:30am Friday morning and he led us to two properties he had available in 2 different communities near where we live now. David fell head over heals in love with the first community we saw. While I will agree that the aminities were nice (they even had their own mini-water park for the kids), the house was a little small for our needs...or so I thought. But, if push came to shove, then I guess we could make it work. It was 3 bedrooms, 2 baths - the bedrooms were pretty small, so I was concerned about the ability to fit our furniture without being cramped, but David seemed to think it would work. The best part about the house itself was that it had a large lanai, which would give Christopher a lot of room to play outside. Another big plus is that it's at the low end of our price range. So, it's still on our possibilities list.

The second place we looked at, both David & I agreed it just wouldn't work for us - for many reasons. When we went to our 2nd appointment (3rd house of the day), we were surprised that realtor (a different one than we'd met this morning) wasn't there to greet us. We walked around and peeked in the windows while we waited, then decided to give him a call. He said he'd left a message on our answering machine a couple hours ago that it had been rented two days ago. So why, you may ask didn't he call us two days ago? We wondered the same question! ;) Oh worked out OK. I got to fit in an AVON appointment that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to schedule that day.

The last appointment of the day was a 3-bedroom plus a den - and while it certainly has possibilities (and the owners seemed to really like us and even said they'd prefer to rent to us), David and I both have reservations about it. It just didn't "feel" right...but we haven't totally ruled it out.

Today, we went for another appointment and this time, it was my turn to fall in love. I knew the community well because we have friends that live there and we used to have our AVON Leadership meetings at the clubhouse there. There's not much available as far as community ammenities - it's a relatively small & basic clubhouse, an OK playground, and it does have 2 pools - a lap pool and a family pool, but no fitness facility (which David would really like to have). But the house, in my opinion, was AMAZING! :) The floor plan was wonderful! It has a nice, big master suite that leads out to the pool/spa & has 2 walk-in closets. :) There are 3 other bedrooms which are nice and all bedrooms can be closed off from the main living area with pocket doors. With the pocket door closed to the front bedroom, it has a private area between the bedroom and the bathroom - so Christopher would not have the bathroom excuse to come out where we were after bedtime...and it would be nice for company as well. The back bedroom also leads out to the pool and is where I envision my office being and there's another bedroom just across from that that could be either David's office or maybe someday a nursery (a girl can hope). The kitchen is large and open with a breakfast nook. I'm just in love. But, David's worried about the lawn & pool maintenance and it is at the top end of our price range, so he's also worried about finances. So, needless to say, we're not quite seeing eye-to-eye on this one. Add to that the fact that there were at least 3 other couples looking at it today and we don't have any idea when we could possibly be ready to move in, and chances are very slim that I'll ever actually live in that house. :( But, I did take lots of pictures, so someday when I can afford to build my own house, I'll take the things I love most about that house and implement them into my dream home! :)

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