Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I's been a long time since I blogged anything at all here...and I'll try to do an update later...but this day is special, so it gets it's very own blog!  ;)  Eleven years ago today, something big changed in my life.  They guy I had, up until that day, known only as a friend suddenly became so much more!  Even though I was sick and had stayed home from work that day, I was convinced (pushed) by my precious friend Robyn to join our singles group at DaRuMa (one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook in front of you) for our annual Valentine's Day dinner.  When I arrived, I was met by a very handsome man all dressed up and holding a single red rose (with our friends, who were all in on it, behind him)!  To say I was surprised would be a great understatement!

Earlier in the day, he had called many times trying to see me and I kept turning him down.  After all, I was sick, hadn't had a shower, and was not really in any mood to see anyone!  What I didn't know at the time was he had a bouquet of flowers with which he had tried to surprise me at work (only, I wasn't there)!  After dinner, we all went out for dessert...which is where he presented me with the flowers he had wanted to give me earlier.  :)

A month and a half later, on Easter weekend, this man would ask me to marry him at the fountain in our church's courtyard with many of those same friends cheering us on (along with many others as they filed out of the church service)!  In September of that year (on my maternal grandparents' anniversary), we would become husband and wife!  I indeed married my best friend!  <3 p="">
Since that day, we have made a life for ourselves as husband/wife to each other and mom/dad to two very precious little boys.  Not all of our days have been happy...but we've ridden this crazy roller coaster of life together and my sweet husband has loved me unconditionally through it all!  I am indeed very blessed to be his wife!  He listens to all my crazy ideas and angry rants...and loves me anyway!  He tells me every single day (usually multiple times during the day) that I'm beautiful, even though he knows that's the hardest compliment for me to accept.  He shows me he loves me with his actions.  He helps out around the house...doing the laundry, a lot of the cooking, and so much more!  He is the best daddy in the whole world...spending quality time with each of our sons...and even changing diapers (unless they are too messy - LOL!)!  ;)  He sends me random texts to tell me he loves me...especially when he knows I'm having a particularly hard day.  He loves me just the way I am and would continue loving me even if I never changed at all (which is very hard for me to wrap my brain around!)!  He cheers me on and supports me in everything I do!  He encourages and does everything he can to help me when I'm trying to make changes to better myself.  He is a gentleman through and through...and he's teaching that to our sons by example!

The picture above is a gift our oldest son put together for me for Valentine's Day.  Christopher had prepared this all on his own without any prompting from anyone, but he had shared with his dad that he had something special for me, even though he didn't share what it was (he just kept asking David when Valentine's Day was and saying he had something special for me).  Christopher woke up early this morning to present his gift to me.  He had chosen a Fun Dip valentine from the box we'd bought after the holiday last year for him (it's one of his favorites) and a $100 bookmark he had in his room.  Then, he wrote "I love you!" (using a purple marker - one of my two favorite colors) on an index card and made it into a paper airplane (his latest skill)!  This gift meant more to me than anything he could have purchased at a store because I know it came straight from his heart!  I know, without a doubt, that this idea came to him because his whole life, he has watched his Daddy make every day special for his Mommy...and always making Valentine's Day a little extra special!  :)

David and I count that dinner on Valentine's Day at DaRuMa as our first date, since we had been friends long before that and had done many things together with our group of friends. We didn't have any "alone dates" (just the two of us) until after we were engaged...and even then, it was always in a public place.  We made a point never to be completely alone while we were dating so that there could never be any reason for anyone to believe our love was anything but pure.  In fact, David was such a gentleman that he would end each date together by kissing my hand.  Only when I accepted his marriage proposal did he first kiss me on the lips (and he had even asked my permission to do so!)!  I'm so thankful for the way God brought us together and the way David courted me.  I am such a blessed woman...blessed beyond anything I could have ever imagined possible!


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