Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today, A Little Boy Lost His Daddy

About 8 or so years ago, I joined the 2nd Grade team at Golden Terrace Elementary School as a long-term sub. I met a precious friend while teaching there...Kim. My friend Kim and her family are Jewish. I am a Christian. But, outside of that, we found we had so much in common that we became fast friends! Kim and I both struggled with infertility. It was while I was on maternity leave after Christopher was born that I found out my friend Kim was expecting! Eight months later, she gave birth to her pride and joy...a precious little boy named Cole!

Christopher and Cole are best buddies...just like their Mommies! :) While most of my time was spent with Kim & Cole, I did get to know her sweet hubby, Mike over the years and our families have been friends for many years. Several years ago, Mike, Kim, & Cole moved to the east coast of Florida. Mike was starting a new business with his brother. As often as our schedules would allow, Kim, Cole, Christopher and I would meet at Sawgrass Mills Mall for some Mommy/Son fun time. Occasionally, we would even let the hubbies join us on these trips. ;)

About a year and a half ago, Kim called me with the news that Mike had brain cancer. It's one of those moments that you never forget where you are when it happens. I was making Avon deliveries and had just pulled into a neighborhood. I had to pull over to the side of the road. Kim asked me to pray, and pray I did! I prayed for them. My Bible & Life Group at church prayed for them. Friends everywhere prayed for them.

I wish I could tell you that all those prayers were answered with a miracle. But, you probably already figured out from the title of this blog that wasn't the case. Mike fought a long, hard battle with this horrible disease. At 4:30pm on Thursday, April 7, 2011, Mike lost his hard-fought battle with brain cancer. He was surrounded by family and was not in any pain.

I cannot even begin to imagine what my precious friend Kim and her sweet son Cole are going through right now...but I'm praying for them and will be here for them if/when they need me. I do know that even though we don't understand it, God is still in control!

Tonight, we shared with Christopher that his friend Cole's dad died. After a few questions about how he died, Christopher said, "I need to pray!" He bowed his head in his hands and was there for several minutes. When he lifted his head, David told him that we needed to pray for Cole and his Mommy. Christopher said, "That's what I was doing!"

Please join us in praying for this precious family. We love them so much...and we know God loves them even more than we do! :)

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jennifer said...

That is unfortunate about your friends husband, but God works in ways that we do not understand. I pray that your friend and her son will be comforted!