Monday, April 26, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

My mom mentioned seeing herself on my blog and suddenly, I decided to go back and check my blog! To my utter amazement and embarrassment, I discovered I hadn't blogged all school year! Things have been crazy...and most of what I've been doing has been posted on facebook...but that's really no excuse for neglecting the blog.'s the Reader's Digest version of our lives...

Christopher's been doing very well in Kindergarten! He's already reading at a 1st Grade level and loves his teacher! His class has gone on lots of field trips - the fire station, the conservency, to the nursing home to sing Christmas Carols, to the Phil to see a production of Pinoccio, and oh so much more! It was almost like a Field Trip of the Month Club! :)

My parents came down and celebrated Christmas with us. Christopher got a new bike from Gran & Pop and a Leapster from Grandma Jansen. We had a great time with family!

We've been packing and unpacking boxes since the last time I blogged. The move finally took place in February. We love our new home. It's smaller than where we were...but now I have my own Avon office! Christopher loves having neighbors close by. He's made friends with the older gentleman who lives next door and his grandson, who visits occasionally.

Christopher had a big birthday bash at a local park with all his friends from school and church. He had a blast playing with all his friends on the playground. Everyone seemed to enjoy the cookie cake! Afterwards, we had lunch with our friends Mike, Kim, & Cole - they came all the way from Boynton Beach to celebrate Christopher's birthday! :)

I had my gallbladder removed a few weeks ago. I'd been having pains on and off for quite some time - but they never lasted very long. One morning, I woke up not feeling well at all. I tried to tuff it out because I had way too much to do to be sick...but my body would NOT cooperate. :( So, a doctor's visit and an ultrasound later, and a few days later, I was in the hospital! They only had to keep me in overnight (less than 24 hours). Christopher got to go to Wannado City with my cousins Karen & Kathy and their kids while I had surgery.

When I last wrote on this blog, Christopher was just beginning Kindergarten. Now, he's almost done. Just a few weeks and he'll be a Kindergarten Grad! We're still seeking God's will about his schooling next year, but there's a good possibility that I could be home-schooling him. The school where he goes now is raising their rates, so unless God makes a way that we can't yet forsee, then he won't be going there next year. No definate plans have been made...but I'm beginning to wonder if this might be why God kept moving me while I was teaching - which enabled me to teach every grade level PK4-5th grade at some point in my teaching career! :)

I've also been involved in a group at church called HOPE. It's a support group for infertility, miscarriage, and child loss. Through this group, I've met some wonderful new friends - and have watched at how God has worked in each of our lives. Several have conceived since we first began meeting, two became foster parents, and one adopted a newborn baby. God has worked in each of our hearts and I'm encouraged to see just what God will do through this group in the future.

We are still praying for God to expand our family - whether that be through conception, adoption, or fostering is completely in His hands. Right now, we're just seeking His will for our family. Christopher continues to desire siblings & often lets his wishes known. One night, he made the comment to us that he'd been praying and praying and God just wasn't answering his prayers. It gave me the opportunity to share with him that God doesn't always give us what we want or when we want it...but that His ways are always better than ours! I told him how I always wanted to marry a man with brown eyes...but that's not what God gave me. Instead, God knew David was my perfect mate...and He waited patiently until I gave up the desire for brown eyes. When I did, God opened our eyes to the plan He has for each of us all along. I was also able to share with Christopher that God knew the real reason I wanted to marry a man with brown eyes is because I wanted my child to have brown eyes...and so, God gave us Christopher (who DOES have brown eyes). I didn't share this part with Christopher, but while I'd never have chosen infertility, I also know that's what God used to give us Christopher...and I've received so many other blessings as a result. Now that I look back on it, I wouldn't trade our journey through infertility for anything...because by doing so would mean I'd have to give up all God brought into my life as a result! :)

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Christine Huber said...

Kara, I LOVE reading your blog and I am thrilled that you have found a few moments to catch up on your blog. I KNOW just for Gary and I blogging can take time, but not only can it be a means to bring others closer to Christ, we can keep up with friends and family too. But most importantly, it helps us document and remember for the future. I am praying for you and I would really like to get together in June after school gets out. I miss you my friend!

Love and prayers,

ps...i'm new at blogging, but here's what i have so far: