Thursday, August 7, 2008

Takin' A Ride on God's Roller Coaster

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a total COASTER CHICKEN...but today, God had me on quite a roller coaster I'm not completely sure is over yet! ;)

It started with a phone call yesterday. As I was out delivering Avon, I got a phone call from Diana V., a friend of mine who works for the elementary principal at First Baptist Academy (FBA) - which is where Christopher will go to school this fall. I'd put in an application to be a substitute teacher...and for all I knew, that's what the interview was for! So, after a check with Grandma J to make sure she could keep Chistopher, we scheduled my interview for 9am today. When I got home yesterday, there was a message on my phone from the administrator's assistant asking me to call back to schedule an interview. Thinking I'd already taken care of that, I didn't worry about calling back. Then at church supper last night, April (administrator's assistan), who is also a friend of mine, came up to me and asked if I'd gotten her message. I told her about Diana calling me and that my interview was already scheduled. She looked confused.

It wasn't until I arrived on campus today that things started to add up for me. I showed up in the main office and announced I had an interview for a substitute position. The receptionist went back to tell (I assume) Mr. Rider (School Administrator) - then returned to ask me who called. I told her Diana had called and she disappeared again. A few minutes later, Mr. Rider came out and escorted me to Linda Shaw's office (the elementary principal) for my interview and, along the way, mentioned that he'd heard my name in connection with an aide position. I didn't know how to respond, so I didn't.

When I entered the interview, I realized that I'd been in a women's Bible study with Linda Shaw a few months ago. We had a nice interview...during which she told me that she was offering me a 1st grade aide position with hours of 7:30-12:30 Monday-Friday. This would have been good...except that Christopher is only in school Monday-Thursday. But, I told her I'd talk it over with David and we'd pray about it. She asked that I let her know by the end of the day.

On my way over to the gymnasium where Grandma J and Christopher were playing with some of the other preschoolers from our church, I called David to give him the update. He said to talk it over with Grandma and see what she thought about keeping Christopher on Fridays. Grandma checked her calendar, but could only promise until the end of September or October. As much as I tried, I just couldn't come to a peace about it.

After Grandma left us playing in the gymnasium, another friend, Sherri, came in a bit later and we were talking. She was telling me that she put Christopher and his buddy Jack in the same class - she's the Pre-K Director at FBA. After more conversation, I learned there was a 3-day position open...which fit a little more into my schedule with Christopher and Avon. So, over lunch, David and I decided that I would turn down the 5-day aide position and see where God would lead.

It's getting in the interest of making this already long story just a bit shorter, let's just say that after several more phone calls, which brought about twists and turns of their own, where we are now is that Christopher and I will show up at 9am on Tuesday morning (August 12th). They have free daycare for the staff kids during the week of training before students start. When we arrive this Tuesday morning, I'll get Christopher settled & go to the Pre-K wing, where Sherri and I will call April to let her know I'm there. When Mr. Rider is free, I'll go for an official interview with him, since he is the only one who can officially hire me. I've been recommended as the Pre-K3 aide by Sherri...but I also understand there was some disappointment that I would not be as available to, we will just have to see what God wants to do!

David asked me at dinner what I'd say if Mr. Rider told me that he really wanted me to be a sub, not an aide, and I said, "Well, I guess I'd just have to say, 'OK' - who am I to disagree with God's will? Not my will, but His be done! I know His will is far better than anything I could imagine - and he can see LOTS further into the future than I'll EVER be able to...or, I suspect, want to!

So...that's my roller coaster story! Now that my tale's been told, I'm headin' to bed! :) All this roller coaster ridin' has exhausted me! Ha! Ha!

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NaplesRhonda said...

WOW! Very interesting Kara! I'm praying for God's will in this situation as well. It's fun to watch Him work, isn't it??